Egg lift systems

Egg lift systems

Farmtec egg lift systems with egg conveyors can be combined with all makes and types of equipment for layers, breeders and turkeys.

The egg lift system moves an egg conveyor to any desired level. The eggs are collected from the egg belts in the poultry house tier- by- tier and conveyed to a central collection point. After egg collection, the lift system moves the egg conveyor to a parking position, for free access to the poultry compartment.

Egg conveyors in a lift system may include slope assemblies and curves. During height adjustment of an egg conveyor by a lift system, the length of the conveyor chain is adapted by a telescope set, with a fixed and flexible hinge set.

Our egg lift components are mainly made of galvanised steel, for a robust structure and a long-life span. When desired, for colony systems and cages the egg belt drives can be delivered.

Subject to the location of egg collection and space available for the hinge- and telescope sets, curves up to 180 degrees can be included in the up and down moving part of the egg conveyor.

Egg lift systems allow one transfer only between an egg belt and the egg conveyor. This ensures a high percentage of first grade eggs.

Characteristics and advantages of Farmtec egg lift systems:

  • All structural parts are made of galvanised steel.
  • The rods are connected to the chain links through full welding by a welding robot.
  • The systems have a long-life span and allow high loads in long systems.
  • Open structure, so hardly any dirt attaching. The systems can be cleaned thoroughly and fast, while maintenance is limited to a minimum.
  • Chain guiders in system components, like slope assemblies and curves, are of high-quality wear-resistant materials and hardly require maintenance.

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