Egg elevator

Egg elevators

Farmtec egg elevators can be combined with all makes and types of equipment for layers, breeders and turkeys.

Our elevators include a short-rodded conveyor for a regular supply of eggs to the upward moving flexible egg carriers. At the elevator front side the eggs are transferred to a collecting table or an egg conveyor. These can be placed at any level desired.

The standard egg elevator can be combined with egg belts up to 50 cm. wide. Egg belt drive units are not included and can be made available optionally.

With this type of elevator eggs of at most 4 tiers can be collected simultaneously from egg belts up to 12 cm. wide. If more tiers, the eggs of the lower and upper tiers are collected successively. Depending on the egg belt width, eggs from layer nests are collected tier- by- tier or per two tiers.


Egg belt speed (max.) 1,2 meter per minute (standard)
Max. collection capacity  
• cages/colony 23.700 eggs per hour
• layer nests 13.350 eggs per hour
Motor (excluding egg belt drives) 400 V-3 phase-50 cycles-0,18 KW
Head room egg conveyor 2,25 meter (standard)

Our egg elevators are available in four types:

  • Top- unloading on an overhead egg conveyor, for a free passage.
  • Intermediate- unloading on a collecting table. The table can be easily replaced by an egg conveyor anytime.
  • Bottom- unloading on an egg conveyor at the floor.
  • Subfloor- unloading on an egg conveyor under the floor, for a free passage.

Farmtec egg elevators are applicable in almost any situation, for daily ease of use.

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