Change of ownership Farmtec BV

Dear customer/vendor,

Farmtec BV is pleased to inform you that, as of June 2nd 2017, it has become part of the Smart Farming Company.

Like any other industry, also the poultry industry is going through a time of digital transformation. Digital transformation means providing more insights, becoming more efficient and productive using relevant data. Intelligent machines and devices generate data, technology analyzes data and dashboards communicate trends and provide predictive information to farmers and/or other parties in the chain.

The Smart Farming Company helps grow businesses and is setting up an ecosystem that focuses on smart machines, technology, data science and data insights related to the poultry industry. Farmtec’ s egg transportation solutions are step towards smart poultry farming.

Bas Rebergen and Harrie Kerkdijk continue to be responsible for respectively sales and logistics. At the same time, the Farmtec team has been expanded with Sven Sieverink as general manager and Corien van Gent in new business development. Both have been working in the industry for many years and add valuable strength and capability to the company.

We would like to invite you to visit our updated website at

Farmtec continues to specialize in egg transportation, conveyors, egg lift systems and elevators. Please stay informed through our website for improved and/or new products as well as new options with our existing products. Farmtec is committed to supply (smart) egg transportation solutions with an excellent price – quality ratio.

Farmtec also continues to work through partners that have a regional focus and help sell and service egg transportation solutions. We value our independence and do work with and/or connect our products to equipment from a variety of poultry equipment suppliers. Farmtec is committed to creating success for our partners.

We look forward to continuing working with your through our team of specialists for advice, drawings, quotes, orders and after sales service. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

With kind regards,
On behalf of the Farmtec Team,

Sven Sieverink